Monitoring of gas stations

Newly offered service for gas stations in cooperation with technological partner Brand-Tech s.r.o. - following the dynamic rise in energy prices in recent months.

In the course of 7-14 days, an overall course of electricity consumption in the main switchboard of the petrol station is monitored - and other parts of the petrol station operations are measured secondarily:

1. measurement ofthe course and consumption of the commercial part of the petrol station

2. measurement of the course and consumption of the pump part of the station (whether it is a pumping pressure system or a pumping suction system in the given station)

3. measurement of the course and consumption of other energy-intensive equipment in the station which is located separately, e.g. car wash, compressors, vacuum cleaners, etc.

Consequently, the detailed monitoring results of an average of 4 places in the petrol station are evaluated. Then a detailed report, which transparently describes the course of electricity consumption, is created for the petrol station operator. This report, together with the analytical part, also contains a set of proposed measures and recommendations for petrol station costs savings on consumption and generally incurred electricity costs at a given time.

With the help of consumption analysis, investment recommendations can be designed:
- efficiency assessment of the installation of a photovoltaic power plant for a filling station
- assessment of accumulation of surplus electricity production generated by your own power plant – storage of sale
- assessment of the possibility of EV (electric vehicles) charging station installation
- assessment of the possibility of heavy-duty equipment disconnection during the station operation
- optimization of heating and cooling technologies